June 24, 2021

New Version of Windows Admin Center is Now Available with Brilliant Updates

Download new version of Windows Admin Center through the tech community of Microsoft
windows admin center

Microsoft has released its generally available new version of Windows Admin Center with updates.

Now you will have the best experience of using it.

The new update v2103.2 comes with many interesting features that include key bug fixes, Azure Sign In feature updates, Azure China support, Azure Stack HCI over-the-air update support, and events and remote desktop tool updates.

Microsoft Azure has been a very demanding platform for all cloud computing services. You can now control all your cloud applications with the new version of Windows Admin Center seamlessly without any hesitation.

Let’s dig into the detail  punch


New Version of Windows Admin Center Supports Azure China

Because of the long years of demand, the Windows Admin Center has expanded its horizon. You will have two options now. One is Azure Global and the other is Azure China.

As per your preference, you can sign in easily with the new version of Windows Admin Center. After registering yourself to the system, you have to go through the signing-in process.

Though some of the features are not available in the Azure China cloud system, you can still take most of the advantages of it.

windows azure china

Azure Stack HCI Over-the-air Update Support

Another interesting addition to the new version of Windows Admin Center is the Over-the-air updates.

One can update Azure Stack HCI simply and intuitively. You will be prompted with new updates. Either you can update regularly or do so timely. There are built-in prechecks that will inform you if there are any setup issues of the update.

It is important to know that the Azure Stack HCI cumulative update which is releasing in June is only for non-production or testing purposes. The feature will look like this.

Join Preview Channel to get the Over-the-air Updates

It is important to know that the Azure Stack HCI clusters will get the Over-the-air updates if you join the preview channel.

You can join the preview channel through the Windows Admin Center or PowerShell. To join the channel, you need to go to Settings and click on “Join the Preview Channel”.

Deploy Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI

The simple 7-step process will allow you to deploy Azure Kubernetes Service on HCI.

It allows you to set up the management cluster with proper network configuration and Azure registration.

Kubernetes windows admin center

You can now easily create Kubernetes through the management cluster dashboard by clicking Add Cluster option. After going through some process, you will have created a Kubernetes workload cluster.

Bug Fixes

This is one of the most important reasons for Microsoft to release the new version of Windows Admin Center. You will be haphazard free with

  • Access Denied fixes
  • SSL certificate error message issue fixes
  • PowerShell utilization fixes
  • Other important fixes like Azure sign-in process, accessibility improvements, install now automatic updates, and notification styling

You will be confronting more updates like

Events Tools

  • The Detail Pane is now available
  • Loading issues solved at the time of viewing events
  • Dropdown menus are tweaked a bit by the team

Remote Desktop Tool

The Remote Desktop tool will be in a new avatar. The remote desktop web client library has been upgraded. There is a wide range of ciphers that one can choose from while connecting to any client machine.

The language issue has also been resolved. To use this facility, you need to be a user of the Windows Admin Center Insiders extension feed.  

Windows Time Service Extension

Time synchronization is another important matter for all users. Windows Time Service uses Network Time Protocol to adjust the proper date and time in Active Directory Domain Services.

This is available for the users of the Windows Admin Center Insiders extension feed. You can add the extension feed by navigating to the feeds tab in Extension Manager and from there you can add wac-insiders-feed

Containers Extension

You can now better manage your container images either locally or in Azure Container Registry. The Containers Extension lets you deploy workloads on AKS and AKS on Azure Stack HCI.

The Workload Definition allows you to create YAML files based on existing container images on Azure Container Registry.

Partner Extension Updates

There are other changes like Azure Arc bug fixes, Azure Hybrid Center bug fixes.

Some of the partner extension updates are HPE Smart Update Manager, Software Infrastructure Manager, DataON MUST Pro, HPE Server, and Azure Stack HCI, ServerViewR Raid, ServerViewR Health, XClarity Integrator, and QCT Management Suite.

Two of the most important updates are HPE Smart Update Manager (SUM) and Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM).

The former informs the firmware and software inventory and then allows you to update the selected components.

windows server partner updates

The latter one is Software Infrastructure Management. As the name suggests, you can manage various types of Information and Communication Technology devices in an integrated way.

You can also monitor the status of the ICT devices. The batch firmware updates are also possible by this. So, you will reduce the operation management and increase the operation quality.

Download the update here.


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