April 11, 2021

Strong Private Browsing with SmartBlock Introduced by Mozilla in Firefox 87

Firefox 87 introduces a new intelligent tracker blocking mechanism "SmartBlock", in Private Browsing and Strict Mode.
Firefox SmartBlock

Privacy has been a concerning matter for every tech company. People can face dangerous issues at any time. Keeping in mind the security issues, one of the popular web browsing companies, Firefox has been working on this for over long years, and they did it with SmartBlock, starting from Firefox 87. 

Firefox launched an intelligent privacy feature called, SmartBlock with the latest version of the web browser (Firefox 87) by which one can browse any private windows without any hackle in speed.

They announced the news on 23rd March 2021 through their official blog.

An example of SmartBlock in action. Previously (left), the website tiny.cloud had poor loading performance in Private Browsing windows in Firefox because of an incompatibility with strong Tracking Protection. With SmartBlock (right), the website loads properly again, while you are still fully protected from trackers found on the page.
SmartBlock Comparison

Source: Firefox Blog

Firefox had been relentlessly working on the Content Blocking feature, a strong privacy option that automatically blocks third-party scripts, images, and other content from being loaded. So, your activity is not visible on those sites, you could privately browse any site. But in developing this feature, they were having some issues with the website’s proper functioning.

It resulted in poor performance, not loading faster, not showing content properly. So, a new feature had to be implemented. SmartBlock was added that operates in private browsing and strict mode. Let’s know about this in detail.

How SmartBlock works

SmartBlock local stand-ins scripts block third-party tracking scripts without losing one’s privacy. Some third-party websites can track your information whenever you download or browse their sites. With the blessings of the SmartBlock feature, there is no way to be tracked down by some other websites.

It also makes sure that the website works properly. Stand-ins do not use any built-in code that could track your activities. SmartBlock provides strong privacy protection along with a great browsing experience.  

How SmartBlock helps users

  • SmartBlock fixes broken web pages without damaging user privacy.
  • SmartBlock improves website performance as it loads the page faster.
  • The new feature makes privacy stronger.
  • It allows safe browsing without being intimidated if their personal information is being shared or not. 

Firefox is very concerned about its users’ privacy. The community has also given a signal that there will be much more advanced SmartBlock innovations. 

Now you can start browsing with SmartBlock, a new intelligent tracker blocking mechanism.

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