March 6, 2021

Why the USA uses a different voltage, i.e. 110v instead of 240v

Today, I'm going to share an interesting fact which is knowledgeable as well. In the USA, Some use 110v and some have chosen 240v. Why does it differ?
USA using 110v instead of 240v

Have you ever thought about why the USA uses different kinds of voltages where most of the parts of the world follow the standard 240v?
To find out the reason, let’s dig deep into the historical connection to this matter.

110v had widely been accepted when the first electricity was introduced. As there were not so high-powered transformers, appliances, it was the standard voltage. Just to light a bulb, 100 – 110 v was enough. AC (Alternating current) started to be used everywhere because of its long-distance transmission.
It was Edison who confidently set the voltage to 110v. Strife between Edison and Tesla also came into existence at that time. Where Edison invented DC (Direct Current) which was not good enough for long-distance, Tesla created AC that is suitable for its long-distance transmission.

Now some of the parts of the country still use 110v and 60Hz just because it was initially created with carbon filament lighting but later the metal filament was added to a more efficient power distribution system 220v, though some of the parts of the country use the worldwide accepted standard system.

First, let me tell you the difference between 110v and 240v.

110v takes a huge time to boil something whereas 240v gives an instant service. 
110v can electrocute you less likely than 240v.

The insulation costs are much less for 110v whereas the cable costs are higher for 240v current.

The advantage of using 110v is simply in its economic affordability, whereas 240v costs much more but it has another advantage like you can use many high-powered appliances in your home.

The frequency also has a likewise history. After observing the flickers of the lamps at 20, 30, or 40 Hz, those frequencies were rejected. In 1918, Britain had 10 different frequencies. It was after world war 2 when 50 and 60 Hz got standardized everywhere. Just because of the monopoly of 60 Hz in the USA market, it was given priority.

The USA has a larger power grid than any other country in the world. They just maintained the needs of their nation’s people.

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