February 12, 2021

Charter Communication’s Multi-Billion Dollar Initiative

How fast is 1 gigabyte per second? Try it once. Charter Communication is going to expand its broadband service mostly for the unserved communities in the USA.

To improve the unserved communities or the rural areas, Charter Communications, one of the leading broadband connectivity companies and cable operators based in the USA has launched a multiyear, multi-billion-dollar broadband service that will add more than 2000 employees and contractors in the future.
In their recent
article, they have shared that they are going to invest $5 billion to execute this initiative.

Their focus is on the improvement of remote learning, work, telemedicine, and other applications that require a high level of internet speed.

This initiative will result in economic development and expansion of the business to the unserved areas. The company will get more exposure to businesses and individuals in those places

The pandemic has shown us the importance of the internet in our day to day lives.
So in this situation, Charter Communications’s initiative in the improvement of broadband service in the USA can open door to other small organizations to spread the broadband service everywhere at an affordable price.

The pandemic has further highlighted the need for broadband availability and adoption and Charter is committed to furthering its efforts as part of the comprehensive solution needed to address these challenges

said Tom Rutledge, Chairman, and CEO of Charter Communications. He also expressed that this is amazing news for some of the Americans living in rural parts of the country.

The RDOF (Rural Digital Opportunity Fund) Phase 1 has already started. As per the Federal Communications Commission, 24 states will be benefitted from this.
Some of the most notables are – Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennesse and there are more on the list. This RDOF alone can increase the expansion of the network mileage coverage to 15%.

There are external factors also which should be considered before the execution like pole permitting in those areas and make-ready processes. So, it will take much time after resolving these issues.
Rutledge added, “The more cooperation we have with the pole owners and utility companies, the faster we can connect these communities with high-speed internet services.
We look forward to working with local municipalities, electric cooperatives, and investor-owned utilities to ensure that permits are obtained in a timely, fair, and cost-effective fashion.”

This is going to be a great opportunity for the shareholders also to invest in this initiative. This long-term investment from Charter Communications can serve better in the future.

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