February 1, 2021

A New Feature from WhatsApp

WhatsApp is now going to add extra two security features to improve the protection of the users’ safety. You can now open the WhatsApp web with a face-lock and fingerprint feature.
WhatsApp new security feature update

On many occasions, the WhatsApp web is being used everywhere. It gives users more flexibility to link their desktop or laptop to your phone.

At least for me, it is extremely helpful. Sometimes, you may face a few unprecedented issues with your phone. So you can use WhatsApp web there.

WhatsApp is dedicatedly trying to upgrade its security features after the news of linking between Facebook and WhatsApp.
They published an article about how strong their security feature is and your personal data is secured. Now, they are going to add another new feather to its security feature. 

If you use WhatsApp web and Desktop, you can now use face and fingerprint to unlock the devices before scanning the QR code. It’s an extra security feature from WhatsApp along with the previous scanning feature.

After the furious comments from customers about their collaboration with Facebook, the company is trying to develop some strategies to acquire the remaining users or gaining the trust of the left users.

In their FAQ blog, They have also stated that all the data is processed by the operating system, so there is no issue with losing your personal information. It said,

The authentication is handled by your device’s operating system using the biometrics stored there. WhatsApp can’t access the biometric information stored by your device’s operating system.

It was announced on 28th Jan this year.

Dr. Catherine Flick, a computer scientist and privacy expert at De Montfort said,

If it’s the built-in facial/etc. recognition this is fine and standard with the phone operating systems (and good to have as a second level of privacy even if your phone is unlocked).

This security feature will be available on both iPhone and Android. New Process is accurately directed on their blog. You can check the blog to check out the process. 

This is not WhatsApp’s last feature but they have more to come in the upcoming months.
Let me remind you once more that the new privacy policy which was supposed to be continued from 8th Feb has now been delayed by the company till 15th May.

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