January 26, 2021

Your System’s Security is Under Attack Especially for Security Researchers

Are you a security researcher spending the whole day finding solutions to bugs? Then be cautious! You are under security attack.
security researchers are being targeted

If you are not cautious online, you can also be a target. With the increasing use of the internet, complexities are also bubbling frequently because hackers are changing their tactics constantly to grab a pawn. You can be that one at any time.

Using a computer is inevitable these days. We can’t think anything without it. So, the problem of a machine can happen at any time like bugs which we aren’t aware of. To remove the bugs, we search online and get the solution.

Please let me know how many videos or blogs you see online are actually genuine. I am 100% sure not all are genuine. There might be hiding some fake ones which can be dangerous for you. With downloading a mini third-party file, you are exposed to malware viruses that can destroy everything.

Google has posted a very concerning blog on security issues.

According to Threat Analysis Group’s (TAG) research for over the several months, they have noticed an on-going campaign where the hackers are targeting security researchers who are working on vulnerability research and development at different companies.

They have mentioned those hackers as government-backed entities who are applying new methods to target the security research community.

To gain credibility and connect with the security researchers, they are making blogs, Twitter, or YouTube videos by providing solutions to vulnerabilities to your system.  They have multiple Twitter profiles from where they are sharing or re-twitting their post so that it looks more credible. 

As they establish a connection with the targeted researchers, either they provide a Visual Studio project with an additional DLL file that has custom malware or the researchers are going through a link provided on Twitter that directs them to their blog. Then their system is under attack.

The hackers are using Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, Telegram, E-mail to target their potential pawns. 

If you think you are exposed to malware or facing security threats through chrome, you are advised to report the activity through Chrome’s Vulnerability Reward Program submission process.

Based on the blog, they are targeting only windows based systems.
Google’s Threat Analysis Group has provided a list of some hackers’ accounts and the solution to protect your research activities that can be found on their blog.

If you already have communicated or been through with those sites mentioned on their blog, you should definitely check your system.

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