June 9, 2021

What is Intel Evo™, Here’s all you need to know

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Intel Evo™ as a second revision of Athena project, has introduced a wide range of features.
what is Intel Evo

What is Intel Evo™?

Back in 2019, the Intel Athena project stole the show showcasing a wide range of advanced features for laptops. With these cool, state-of-the-art features, the project took a step ahead towards introducing the smartest, next-gen laptops ever.

However, it was not implemented properly. And as a result, when people bought laptops under the Athena project, things did not go the way it was expected. Some of the products met all of the criteria of Athena, while some fulfilled a few of them.

Intel introduced revision 2 of the Athena Project as Intel Evo.

An Intel Evo certified laptop brings in all of the features promised in its previous revision. Moreover, it introduces some new additions.

So let’s know what does Intel Evo has in its pocket.

Instant Wake Up

The Intel Evo™ certified laptop wakes up from sleep within less than one second. You can start your device with enhanced biometric authentication like face recognition, fingerprint system, or gaze-based recognition.

The 8 GB DD R4 RAM in dual channel configuration ensures that the Intel Evo devices run efficiently with the latest Intel generation processors.

Thus, instantly you can start your computer and get into the tasks immediately.

Fast Charging and Extended Battery Life 

The fast charging feature makes it more appealing. With just 30 minutes of charging, you can run the laptops for 4 hours long. You can charge it with a USB Type-C charging port. This means universal cables can be used.

A computer with the Intel Evo label is therefore popular among users for this useful feature.

Vast Storage

To become the Intel Evo certified model, a laptop must have wide storage, including 8 GB of RAM and a minimum of 256 GB of NVMe SSD Storage. It allows storing all of your essential files and programs quickly.

In addition, it, to a great extent, improves the speed of the laptop.

Superb Connectivity

Any Intel Evo™ labeled laptop must have a super-fast WiFi-6 and Thunderbolt 4/USB Type C port with a throughput of 40 Gbps.

The special feature of thunderbolt 4 carries a higher video signal and many other benefits.

Sleek and Cool Design

All of the laptops that come under the Intel Evo project are required to have less than 15 mm of thickness. With its sleek design, it becomes easy and light to carry wherever you go.

However, for the 12” to 15” laptops, there are certain requirements like a precision trackpad and the availability of a touchscreen.

AI-driven Modern Core Processor

The Intel Evo labeled laptops should come with Intel 11th generation core 7 processor. It opens the door to include many features like open VINO support, Intel DL Boost +, etc. Moreover, it incorporates far-field voice services and AI noise reduction.

So, with all of the requirements fulfilled, the Intel Evo™ certified laptops promote easy portability, high performance, and excellent connectivity at once.

In this way, the Intel Evo sticker works as a badge of ensured quality for modern Ultrabooks.

The all new Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is powered by Intel  Evo™, know more about the laptop here.

Now you know, What is Intel Evo™ and How it makes your computer more loaded with features and benefits.

If you have an Intel Evo™ powered computer or going to get one, let us and others know how it works for you through the comments.


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