April 25, 2021

Set your ID(Username) and stop displaying the phone number in Telegram to control your privacy

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Set your own ID, and stop displaying the Phone number in Telegram to gain total privacy.
set telegram id and stop displaying number

This article will guide you to know how to set ID(Username) and stop displaying your phone number to your contacts or others in Telegram.

This way you don’t have to disclose your phone number to others associated with Telegram, you can give your ID to start a new chat, not the phone number, and you have total control over your privacy through this method.


Here’s how to set the ID and Stop displaying the Phone number in Telegram

Set the ID in Telegram

To set the ID, also know as Username

set id username telegram
  • Tap on the three horizontal bars on the top left corner, also known as the collapsed menu icon
  • Go to the Settings, and look for the Account section
  • The second field after your phone number is for the Username, tap on it and set it
  • Tap on the checkmark on the right top corner to save it

The ID should be a minimum of 5 Characters, can contain lower case letters, numbers, and underscore only.


On the Window where you set the ID (Username), you will see a link that starts with https://t.me/yourid, this link can also be used to start a chat with you.

Stop displaying the number in Telegram

To stop showing the number

  • Go to the collapsed menu icon
  • Go to the Settings, and look for Privacy and Security
  • In the Privacy section, tap on Phone Number
  • Choose Nobody in the very first section “Who can see my phone number

This will stop displaying your number to everyone, including your contacts. 

So this is how you can have control over your Privacy in Telegram, where your contacts or anyone can’t see your Phone number if you just set the Telegram ID(Username)

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