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How to align the Start menu to the left corner in Windows 11

Jun 29, 2021


Windows 11's Start menu is centered aligned by default, you can align it to the left as it's been always.
Windows 11 start menu left aligned

Microsoft has made Windows 11 official, and one of the biggest changes the new OS showed is with the Start menu, which is at the center by default. But not to worry, Microsoft has given the option to put it back to the left corner.


Here’s how to left-align the start menu in Windows 11

  • Right-click on the taskbar, and go to Taskbar settings
  • From the Taskbar alignment dropdown menu select Left

The start menu will be back to its native place. As you might have noticed there are only two options Left and Center, so you can play only with those two options.

Video on how to left-align the start menu in Windows 11.

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