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Solved – Xfinity Stream Error “Please clear your browser’s cache” TVAPP-00100

Jan 13, 2021


Xfinity Stream doesn't work and shows the message "Sorry, we're having some trouble. Please clear your browser's cache and then refresh the page" Error TVAPP-00100.
xfinity stream error please clear your browser cache tvapp-00100

Xfinity stream users have reported that they have been facing issues with the service, as it shows the error “Please clear your browser’s cache” TVAPP-00100.

The message clearly asks you to clear the browser’s cache, but does it actually work?
For many just clearing the browser’s cache doesn’t work, so what’s next.

1. Clear browser’s cache

Clearing the browser cache will remove all the locally stored webpage files, and next time you visit the webpage, it will download the webpage files again.

Refreshing the browser cache is indeed recommended from time to time, so let’s see how to clear the browser cache.

For almost every browser you can get to the browser cleaning setting by a keyboard shortcut i.e. Ctrl + Shift + Del.

Open the browser and hit that key combination, when you have the “Clear browsing data” screen, select the Cookies and the Cache option and continue with the cleaning.

Know more
To know about the cache and cookies cleaning in detail, check the support article on “How to clear browser’s cache and cookies“.

Once done, check if the “Please clear your browser’s cache” TVAPP-00100 error is gone with the Xfinity stream or not.
If not, proceed to the second method.

2. Another browser or guest mode

If the browser’s cache cleaning doesn’t work, open Xfinity stream on any other browser.

In case, you don’t have any other browser use the Guest mode if you have Google Chrome Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Browsing as a Guest in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

  • Click on your profile icon on the top right corner, next to the ellipsis
  • The second to last option is Guest in Google Chrome and in Microsoft Edge its Browse as guest
Guest mode
In Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, the Guest mode creates a new profile and deletes everything when you are done.
Guest mode’s activity doesn’t affect other user profile’s data.

3. Clear %temp% files

Cleaning temp files from your computer might help you in getting rid of the Xfinity stream error “Please clear your browser’s cache” TVAPP-00100.

To clear the %temp% files

  • Open Run box, Windows icon key + R
  • In the box type in %temp%, and click Ok
%temp% run command
  • Select all the files using Ctrl + A in the temp folder, and delete all of them

Some temp files might still be in use by the programs running, so you can skip those.

%temp% files
%temp% folder stores application related temporary files.

The full path to this folder is “%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp

4. Clean DNS cache

Clearing DNS cache is another great method to resolve Xfinity stream error “Please clear your browser’s cache” TVAPP-00100.

Clear DNS cache from your Windows computer

  • Open Run box, Windows icon key + R
  • In the box type in cmd, and click Ok
  • Command prompt opens up, type in “ipconfig /flushdns” without quotes, and press enter
clear dns cache

This will clear the DNS cache from your computer.

Know about DNS Cache

5. Another network, computer, or a smart device

Another computer, phone, or tablet
Open Xfinity stream on another computer or smartphone or tablet, make sure, the computer or the smart device is connected to the same network (Wi-Fi) where your other PC is connected.

If Xfinity stream works fine on another computer, phone, or tablet connected to the same network (Wi-Fi), the problem is with your other computer.

Another network
Check if the Xfinity stream works fine on cell phone data or another internet connection, if available.

In case another computer, phone, or tablet shows the same error with Xfinity stream on the same network but works fine on the other network, the problem is with the router/modem.
In this situation restart the router/modem.

Don’t have another computer, a smart device, or another network available, go for router/modem restart.

6. Restart router/modem

When the methods above don’t work for you, it’s recommended to restart your Router/Modem.
You might not see any on/off switch on the router/modem itself, so you need to do it from the wall socket.

Restarting the router/modem will clear the files stored on RAM.

To the full of surprises, this method has actually worked for many Xfinity stream users.

7. Contact Xfinity support

Xfinity users have reported that Xfinity support had to refresh the user’s accounts in some cases to make the Xfinity stream work again for them.

So you might want to give it a try if nothing works for you.

Contact Xfinity streaming support
Go to, scroll down a bit to see the Chat with Xfinity assistant.

The resolution that works for many users

Restart router/modem

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We hope this article helped you in fixing the problem with Xfinity stream “Please clear your browser’s cache” TVAPP-00100.

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