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Solved – Windows 10 Hello Pin Error 0x801c004d “This option is currently unavailable”

Dec 30, 2020


You cannot make changes to Windows 10 Hello Pin because the option does not work and throws the error "The option is not available", error code: 0x801c004d.

Windows 10 users have reported that they can’t make changes to the Windows Hello PIN, as the option does not work and throws the message “This option is currently unavailable“.

If you try to fix it through the option “Tap or Click here to fix it”, you get the following error, Something went wrong – We weren’t able to set up your PIN. Sometimes it helps to try again or you can skip for now and do this later. Error code: 0x801c004d.

You want to reset the PIN as you forgot it or want to change the PIN, you click on the Windows Hello PIN and you see the message.

Here’s how to fix Windows 10 Hello Pin message “This option is currently unavailable”, with Error 0x801c004d

 About Windows 10 Hello Pin
Windows Hello PIN is an alternate security parameter for your Windows 10 computer.

Unlike a password you don’t have to hit enter after entering the PIN, and also is easy to remember than a password as it’s typically a 4 digit code, the minimum value.
(Microsoft now gives you the option to chose characters too)

Microsoft says Windows Hello PIN is more secure than a Password.

The password is a symmetric key, where Windows Hello PIN is not.
The symmetric key always has a server that keeps the record of the password, and if the server gets compromised, the password is affected.

Windows Hello PIN is not stored on the server.

Hence, Microsoft made it necessary to set up a PIN, if you chose an Online account for your Windows 10 PC, while you set up a new computer or upgrade or create a new user profile.

1. Re-login to the Online account

This method has worked for many Windows 10 users. You switch to the local account first, restart the computer and then go back to the online account.

Switch to the Local account

This will log you out from the profile, so please save your work before proceeding

  • Open Accounts in Windows settings. Click on Windows Start > Settings > Accounts
  • To the right of Your info section, click on “Sign in with a local account instead
windows 10 local account
  • Click Next, on the “Are you sure you want to switch to a local account?” window
  • Enter your Windows Password, and click Ok
  • On “Enter your local account info window“, click Next (you can leave the Password fields blank)
  • Click Sign out and finish, on the “Switch to a local account” window 

Once you are logged out, sign back in with the provided password if any, and your Windows 10 local account is ready.

 About Windows 10 Local account
Windows 10 Local account is the user profile where you don’t sign in with Microsoft email address, your work is not synced in the Local account and Windows password is stored on the local machine itself if any.

Switching to the Local account will remove your current PIN too.
The PIN is associated with the password, of your current account type (Offline or Online).

 Restart the computer

Sign in to your local account, and restart the computer before we get back to the online account.

  • Click on Windows start menu > Power > Restart

 Switch back to the Online account

Once the computer restarts and is all up, go to the Your info setting again.
This time you will see the “Sign in with a Microsoft account instead” option at the same place where you found “Sign in with a local account instead” at the first step.

  • Open Accounts in Windows settings. Click on Windows Start > Settings > Accounts
  • To the right of Your info section, click on “Sign in with a Microsoft account instead
  • Enter your Microsoft Online account email ID, click Next
  • Enter your Password for the Microsoft Online account, and click on Sign in
  • On the “Sign in to this computer using your Microsoft account” Enter your current Windows local account password, and click Next
    (as we didn’t set any password to the local account while switching to the local account in the first step, we leave the field blank)
  • Setup a PIN, on the “Create a PIN” window, and click Ok

This won’t sign you out, and your Online account with a PIN is ready.

Windows 10 Hello Pin error “This option is currently unavailable” should now be gone, check it and make your changes if you still want.

In case the problem is still there, go to the second step.

2. Remove the Work or School account

If you are logged in with a work or school account, remove the account.

Removing the work or school account completely might not be an option for you, so you can remove it temporarily to check if the Windows 10 Hello PIN works without the work or school account or not.

 About Windows 10 Work or School account
Work or School account connects your computer to your college or organization, created for you by the IT team.
These accounts are the active directory accounts, where you can access the company or school resources if provided, including Office 365.

  Removing Work or School account

  • Open Accounts in Windows settings. Click on Windows Start > Settings > Accounts
  • From the left menu options, click on Access work or school
  • Click on the Account that you have from work or school on the right side section
  • Click on Disconnect or Remove, and confirm the action by clicking on Yes
  • Log out and log back into the PC

This will remove your work or school account from your Windows 10 PC. 

Now check if Windows 10 Hello PIN error 0x801c004d still exists or not.

 Users have also reported that the PIN function starts working for them, if they add a work or school account first, and then remove it.

Work or school account can have parameters enabled by your work or school’s IT guy where the PIN functionality is disallowed, hence you see the message “This option is currently unavailable” in Windows Hello PIN.

So if the Windows 10 Hello PIN isn’t working for you with the work or school account, you might wanna check it with your colleagues or friends from the same school, if their account has the same restriction, and for confirmation check it with your work or school’s IT team.

3. Create a new user profile

If your Windows 10 PC has another user profile, quickly check if the Pin functionality works fine there or not, if it does, switch to that profile.
In case you can’t use that profile or don’t have another user profile to test, create a new user profile.

Click on the button below to go to the Family & other users settings, and click on “Add someone else to this PC” in the Other users section

Windows 10 add a user setting

By default, Windows 10 “Add someone else to this PC” setting might ask you to add an online account, where you will need a Microsoft email address, and password to that email, if you don’t have one, it will ask you to create one.

If you don’t want to get with an online account, and looking to add a Local account instead or want to know “How to add a new user profile and migrate data” in detail, go to this link.

4. Repair installation or in-place upgrade

Performing windows 10 repair installation or in-place upgrade is the last resort and it will work fine if the PIN functionality isn’t disabled by the IT Admin.

Windows 10 repair installation won’t upgrade your PC to the most recent Windows 10 version but will repair and fix Windows corrupt and broken files.
So, if you want to fix your Windows 10 PC without upgrading the machine to the latest version, go to “How to perform a repair installation in a Windows 10 PC“.

Windows 10 in-place upgrade will upgrade your PC to the most recent Windows 10 version and also fix the corrupt and broken Windows files.
So, if you know that the new version upgrade of Windows 10 PC has no known issues, or you are can take risk of upgrading it to the recent version, go to “How to perform failsafe Windows 10 in-place upgrade“.

Resolution that works for many users

Switch to the Local account, Restart the PC, and get back to the Online account

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