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How to restore Network Defaults in an HP Printer

May 2, 2021


This article will guide on how you can restore the HP printer network defaults. Which simply means, you will remove the current IP settings from the HP printer.
HP printer network defaults

If you know how to restore network (Wireless settings) defaults in an HP printer, you could easily fix the HP printer’s network (Wireless) connectivity issue.

A network connectivity issue or Wireless connectivity issue in other words, in any network supported HP printer occurs when you have changed the Wi-Fi password, reset the router, or changed the Internet service provider.

If you did any of the above, or you might want to join the printer on a different network (Wi-Fi), you have to first remove the current Wireless (IP) settings from the printer, and then join the Network (Wi-Fi) again.

In this HP printer support article, we will remove the IP settings, without using the USB cable, and the steps are for all the printers, with or without the menu screen.

Printers without the menu screen

Restore wireless settings in the printer without a menu screen

You could have an HP printer that does support Wi-Fi but doesn’t have an options screen or menu screen, all it has are those buttons.

To restore network defaults or in other words to remove the current Wi-Fi settings from such printers, follow these steps on the printer.


  1. Press the Red Cross to wake up the printer
  2. Now hold down the Red Cross and the Wi-Fi button together for 5 seconds

You will see the Wi-Fi button LED has started blinking, this means the printer has no IP settings and is ready to join the Wireless again. This state of the printer is known as “Setup Mode”.

  To hook up the printer with the Wi-Fi from the computer, you could use HP Easy Start software available for Windows and Mac. You won’t have to use the USB cable to take the printer on Wi-Fi with this software if only the printer is in setup mode.

Printers with the menu screen

Restore wireless settings in the printer with a menu screen

If you have an HP printer with a menu screen like the above picture, follow these steps to wipe out the current Wireless settings.


  1. Find Setup in the menu, and tap it
  2. Go to Network Setup
  3. Look for Restore network defaults, and tap it
  4. Confirm the Action, by tapping on Yes or Continue

Once done, you will see the Wi-Fi LED blinking, which means the HP printer is now in Setup Mode.

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We hope this article helped you know how to restore network (wireless settings) defaults in an HP printer.

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