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How To Fix MS Word Does Not Print In Color

Jan 9, 2021


MS Word prints fine in Black ink, but does not print in Color
word not printing in color

Are you using MS Word (any version) and facing the same issue, where Word does not print in color but black prints fine?

Users have reported that everything else prints fine in Color such as a pdf document, a picture from the local storage, or an internet file, the only program that doesn’t print in color is MS Word.

If everything else is working fine, then the problem is with Word itself.

Let’s fix Word does not print in color problem

1. Enable print background colors & images

In MS Word, you need to allow color printing. There is an option “Print background colors and images” which you should be checking if that is enabled or not.
Here’s how to enable the setting.

  • Open your word document
  • Go to File > Options
  • Click on “Display”, the second option from the left menu
  • Go to the last section on the right side “Printing options“, and check the box to “Print background colors and images“, and click Ok

3. Repair MS Office

If the method above doesn’t work for you, you could try repairing MS Office.
Microsoft Office has two inbuilt repairing features, Quick repair, and Online repair.

Find out “How to repair MS Office

Resolution that works for many users

Enable “Print background colors and images”

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We hope this article helped you in fixing the problem where MS Word does not print in color, but black prints fine.

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