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Resolved – Webroot doesn’t open in Mac version Catalina and BigSur

May 26, 2021


Webroot SecureAnywhere won't open in Mac, here's how to fix it.
webroot wont open in mac

If the Webroot doesn’t open in Mac for you, this article will tell you how to fix the problem in the macOS version Catalina & BigSur.

Mac users have been reporting that Webroot SecureAnywhere doesn’t open in their Mac after they upgrade the macOS to either Catalina or BigSur, Webroot just won’t come up.

The problem can easily be resolved by upgrading the Webroot version, compatible with macOS Catalina and BigSur i.e.

You can download Webroot version  from the following link, uninstall the already installed Webroot and install this version.

Download Webroot

In Case you aren’t sure how to uninstall Webroot in macOS and Install the compatible version, continue with the article.


Fixing Webroot doesn’t open in Mac

Uninstalling Webroot in macOS

To remove webroot from macOS, first quit the program either by right click on the program icon from the dock or through the force quit method, and then move the program to the trash from the Applications folder.

  • Find the Webroot icon on the Dock, right-click on it.
  • Click on Quit
  • Go to Finder, type in Applications and open the applications folder
  • Look for the Webroot icon, right-click on it and click on “Move to trash”

Following those steps will remove Webroot from Mac.

Install the compatible Webroot version

The compatible version of Webroot for macOS Catalina and BigSur is, if you have already downloaded the file just right-click on it and continue with the installation options if you don’t have the required version, download it from here.

This should be working for you now.

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  1. XMC

    This works, nice that you provided the required Webroot version too. Thanx much!

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